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About Us

Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation (Stock no.:300007),founded in 1998,is the largest gas sensors and instruments manufacturer and the leading sensor-based IoT solution supplier in China. With IoT industry as center, Hanwei combined related technology such as sensors, intelligent terminal, communication technology, geographic information,cloud computing,big data etc. to creat Hanwei Cloud and a complete IoT industry chain. Hanwei group devotes to provide perfect solution for smart city, production safety, environmental protection and health of the people’s livelihood, making things intelligent and creating new values to our work and life unceasingly.

Company Culture

We formed a high cohesion team and high loyalty team; we care human nature,pioneering and value creation. We ask every Hanwei people to learn from each other, edmire each other and trust each other; we ask erey Hanwei people to work in a team, to develop in a team and to achieve in a team for a continuous living standard improvement.

Hanwei Mission: Making things intelligent, creating new values to our work and life unceasingly.

Hanwei Vision: To be the leading provider of sensor-based IoT solutions.

Hanwei Core Values: Responsibility, Innovation, Value Creation and One Growing Hanwei.

Hanwei Spirit: Unyielding Faith, Unbounded Morale, Unfaltering Unity, Unrelenting Drive.

Hanwei Culture: Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Inclusiveness, Perseverance, Cooperation

Hanwei Philosophy: Providing values for customers, offering wealths for staffs, making profits for shareholders, promising future for company, creating harmony for society and contributing prosperity for our nation.

Hanwei Talents View: By training and excercising, everyone can be elite. Learning from working, growing up from working.

Creating value for customers is our forever pursuit!

OEM and ODM welcome!
Service Hotline :+86-371-67169080 / 67169070
Email: sales@hwsensor.com

Products Series

Hanwei Electronics has established the whole IoT industrial chain with the sensor as the core, covered intelligent instruments, cloud technology software.

Hanwei Electronics have many categories of sensors, gas, pressure,flow, humidity, pyroelectricity and instrument industry.We have many series products used in home,commercial,personal safety, industry online monitoring, environmental analysis,mining safety, monitoring network, safety production , municipal informatization management system, intelligent transportation monitoring system . We have rich production line, orbicular industry chain, apply to more than 100 countries all over the world.

Business Area

Hanwei products and solutions covered more than 20 fields, petroleum ,chemical, metallurgy, mining, electronics, electricity, pharmaceutical, food, medical health, agriculture, gas, water supply and discharge,heating, municipal engineering, home security and health, public areas, waste gas treatment, sewage treatment, biological sciences, aerospace, military, anti-terrorism ,traffic safety management.

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