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About us

Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation(Stock no.:300007) founded in 1998,is a trustworthy innovative technology company, and the largest gas sensors and instruments manufacturer in China, listed on China’s Growth Enterprise Board in the first batch, devote ourselves to promise a safe, environmental friendly, healthy and smart working and living environment. Around IOT industry, Hanwei Electronics will combine sensors, intelligent terminal, communication technology, cloud computing and geographic information IOT technology together closely, create Hanwei clound, establish a complete IOT industry chain. Hanwei Electronics focus on the customer value oriented, provide perfect solutions for smart city, production safety, environmental protection, health of the people's livelihood.


Business Capacity

Hanwei Electronics adhere to a development strategy of focusing on the professional market segment. Our products and solutions have been used in hundreds of countries and regions all around the world. We have established the whole layout of many categories of testing instruments and IOT applications with a core of sensor. Our products widely used in petroleum ,chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, mining, electronics, electricity, pharmaceutical, food, medical health, agriculture, gas, municipal engineering, home security and health, public areas, traffic safety management, sewage treatment, biological sciences, aerospace, military, anti-terrorism and other fields. Our products  are used in fire and explosion protection, environmental monitoring, poisoning prevention, pollution monitoring, environmental management, improving the living environment. We provide the suitable, quality and cost-benefit products, service and solutions to our customers for their HSE management system, industrial, family and personal safety, environmental monitoring and management, healthy homes.


Products series

Hanwei Electronics has established the whole IOT industrial chain with the sensor as the core, covered intelligent instruments, cloud technology software. Hanwei Electronics have many categories of sensors, gas, pressure,flow, humidity, pyroelectricity and instrument industry.We have many series products used in home,commercial,personal safety, industry online monitoring, environmental analysis,mining safety, monitoring network, safety production , municipal informatization management system, intelligent transportation monitoring system . We have rich production line, orbicular industry chain, apply to more than 100 countries all over the world.


Hanwei products and solutions widely used in hundreds of countries and regions, covered more than 20 fields, petroleum ,chemical, metallurgy, mining, electronics, electricity, pharmaceutical, food, medical health, agriculture, gas, water supply and discharge,heating, municipal engineering, home security and health, public areas, waste gas treatment, sewage treatment, biological sciences, aerospace, military, anti-terrorism ,traffic safety management. Most of  products have obtained certification by CE, TUV, ATEX, RoHS ect. international certifications.


Core industry, sensor technology

Hanwei owns independent intellectual property rights and the core technology of sensors. As an industry leader, Hanwei manufactured hundreds of gas sensors, is only one of national enterprise which be able to produce catalytic, semiconductor, electrochemical, infrared(include laser) at the same time in china. Based on technical advantage of gas sensors and cross application of other sensors, Hanwei Electronics is also developing and manufacturing many kinds of sensors, such as optical sensors, mechanical sensors and thermal sensors.


Powerful R&D Ability  

Independent intellectual property right and core technology

Hanwei Advocates innovation and improvement. Sensor-based, Intelligent instrument-supported and IOT application-directed, Hanwei R&D center focus on the sensor, instrument and IOT system solution; Hanwei breaks through in key technologies, develops independent innovative products including material synthesis, formulation, sensor structural design, MEMS technology, Optical technology, electronic technology, structural design, soft ware development etc,. Hanwei R&D center dedicates to the safe, environmental protection, healthy and intelligent production and solutions including the research of sensors, intelligent detectors and IOT system solutions, which cover safety protection, measurement control, environmental protection and healthy living fields. Hanwei R&D center is to provide low cost, convenient, accurate, reliable products and solutions.


Strategic Planning

The IOT era comes, Hanwei, as one of the leading IOT company in this field in China, will take good use of current great opportunities to build “Hanwei International Sensor Science Park” and  “Hanwei IOT Science Park”, to build industrial groups in sensor, intelligent instrument, industrial IOT, intelligent city, safe production, environmental protection and living health seven directions for our new great-leap-forward development.

Hanwei always concentrate on enhancing the communication with customers, developing international cooperation, and participating the international competition by attending many professional exhibitions all over the world ever year. Our marketing network covers Europe, Middle East, Southeast-Asia, America and South Africa.


Proactive Service

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