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Gas Detection and Alarm System (GDS)

Petrochemical production process is complex with high temperature, high pressure and continuous process, and most materials are inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful hazardous chemicals. Moreover, the production, processing, storage, transportation and use of petrochemical are often accompanied by toxic and harmful gases, resulting in poisoning accidents occurring from time to time. In order to ensure production and personal safety, our company developed the GDS system.

Gas detection and alarm system (GDS) integrates real-time monitoring, early warning processing, remote control and equipment management, enabling real-time monitoring and intelligent judgment and alarm of dangerous gas leakage in the factory, and supporting various alarm effects such as sound and light alarm and video linkage alarm. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents in enterprises, realize the gas leakage and management in the production process, and ensure the safety of enterprises in production.

System framework

The system is based on the open system structure, and has the integration and information exchange with other brands of system equipment (platform) through industrial standard communication, platform and protocol, including MODBUS, TCP/IP and OPC.

The system consists of a combustible/toxic gas detector installed in the field and a control unit, data acquisition module, workstation, etc. installed in the control room. The field detector is collected through the data acquisition module, and the communication between the operator station or the third party system (equipment) is completed through the communication module, and relevant information is received and real-time data is transmitted.

The combustible/toxic gas detector is responsible for detecting various gases in the production site and converting the collected gas concentration into analog signals. To the collected signals, the data acquisition module, serial communication manner to GDS control unit, GDS control unit based on values, respectively, compared with their respective alarm/lower limit on when a detector to detect the concentration of the exceed limit or below the lower limit, GDS control unit through the DO output alarm signal module, open the sound and light alarm and open or close the related equipment.

Operators can monitor the situation of all detection points in the factory in real time through touch screen of industrial personal computer, operator station, engineer station and other human-machine interaction interfaces, mainly including gas concentration value, upper limit of alarm, real-time curve and historical data. When an alarm occurs, the noise can be silenced and the alarm response can be made by the industrial computer.

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